Off the Cup with Hoppy and Hobbs

#59 - 4 Trades, 4 Free Agents

December 23, 2023 Off the Cup Season 1 Episode 59
Off the Cup with Hoppy and Hobbs
#59 - 4 Trades, 4 Free Agents
Show Notes

The podcast starts with a discussion about the Padres' roster development, including recent acquisitions and potential trades. The conversation then shifts to the Dodgers' offseason moves and their chances of winning the World Series. Hoppy and Hobbs also delve into the limitations of American baseball culture in developing two-way players like Shohei Ohtani. The financial implications of having two-way players in the league are also explored. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to baseball, including Shohei Ohtani's contract, the challenges of being a two-way player, the competitive balance in baseball, and the recent rule changes in Major League Baseball. They also explore the impact of the widened runner's lane and how it may change the game.


  • The Padres have made significant roster moves, including acquiring Luis Patino and Yuki Matsui.
  • The Dodgers have spent a large amount of money on starting pitchers but have not improved their offense.
  • American baseball culture limits the development of two-way players.
  • Financial considerations play a significant role in the decisions made by teams and players. 
  • Being a two-way player in baseball is extremely challenging, requiring year-round dedication and hard work.
  • The competitive balance in baseball allows even small-market teams to compete and win against larger-market teams.
  • The recent rule changes in Major League Baseball, such as the pitch clock and reduced mound visits, aim to speed up the game.
  • The widened runner's lane will have a significant impact on how players and teams approach bunting and fielding plays.